Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When can I see hall and make deposit

A. Office is open on Saturday morning for one hour only starting at 9:00 AM. You do not need appointment. We are closed all on all Holiday's and any Saturday attached to a holiday.



Q:         You said the cost for my rental would be $385.00 but the total on the Contract is $775.00.  So what is the $400.00 Security Deposit?


A:         Your final cost would be $385.00 but, we require everyone to put down the additional security deposit should you or your guests damage our hall. Security deposit is refunded in full the Saturday following your rental providing no problems or damage happens while the hall is in your custody. 


Q.     What if it snows on my rental day.

A.     If the Governor closes the State Roads you can reschedule to the next open date or we will refund your deposit. If roads are not closed   your deposit will not be refunded.


 Q:       Do we have to clean the hall when we are done?


 A:       You need to put the tables and chairs you used back as you found them and remove your decorations. Trash must be put in the dumpster.  Our cleaning people will sweep and mop floor, clean the rugs, clean the bathrooms and entrance hallway. She does not clean disasters.


Q:        When will I get my $400.00 security deposit back?


A:        You will need to come in on the Saturday morning following your rental and pick up your deposit.  We will not mail any deposit you must come in person to pick it up your money.


Q        Why is the office only open on Saturday morning for an hour?


A.        We have no employees, members meet at the hall on Saturday mornings for coffee hour. This is the only time someone is at hall to handle your rental needs or refund your security deposit.


Q:        The contract said 100 people maximum but I want to bring 130 people. Can I bring in more chairs and tables?


A:        The Rhode Island Fire Code allows only 100 people in our hall. They have determined that the tables, chairs and 100 people will allow for a safe capacity.  It is illegal to bring in more people and any additional tables or chairs. You could be fined to or jailed.


Q:        Can I bring in a decorated chair for the guest of honor?


A:        Yes, but we will have to first remove the same number of chairs.


Q:        Why did you charge me for cleaning the city parking lot?


A:         The parking lot is city property; our agreement with the city is that if guests from our hall leave beer bottles or trash we are required to clean it up. The cost to clean parking lot starts at $45.00. Please inform your guests to use trash cans.


Q:        Why was I charged to clean the trash around the outside of the building?


A:        When you received the hall the outside was clean. Your rental agreement does not allow the party to be outside of hall. If we have to pick up cigarette butts because your smokers did not use the butt can, or plates, cups, bottles, cans, or other trash from your party we will charge you. Clean up cost starts at $35.00.



Q:        I want to end my party at 1:00 PM can I pay extra to extend my time?


A:        No! The city requires us to close at 10:00 PM on Saturday.  Our hall is located in a residential neighborhood, you would need to rent a bar or night club for such an event.


Q:        Why did you keep my security deposit when there was no physical damage to the hall?


A:        Your guests moved the party outside drinking eating, or playing their car music loud while exiting hall which is a violation of our rental agreement.

 Q:       You are correct we did not suffer any physical damage, but your guest’s behavior has put us in a bad position with our neighbors and the city.


We will use your money to pay our legal fee and any fines when we appear before the city to explain why our renters violated our agreement with the city that they would not disturb our neighbors.